Music in the morning, no queuing requiredPick the perfect song from your library to get going in the morning and let GEORGE do the rest. GEORGE is the only iPod music system on the market smart enough to actually find your selection on the iPod, regardless of what you last listened to.  At arms reachAlarmsResting in the charging stand, you can keep GEORGE’s remote on your bedside table while the speakers stay across the room where they sound best. Since the remote gives full control of the system in a footprint the size of a deck of cards, it’s essentially the smallest and most powerful alarm clock your nightstand will ever see.
Plan aheadDoes your wake up schedule vary from day to day? GEORGE is up to the task. Program the alarms to go off only on the days you need them. Staying away from that snooze button is another issue all together.Calendar Some like it loud, some like it louderSeparate source and volume settings for each alarm ensure you wake up on the right side of the bed. With visual confirmation, headphone bypass, and independent system volume, GEORGE is smart enough to overcome common user errors. Time to come up with some new excuses for being late.