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Current Version - 3.01

It is strongly recommended that all users install this update.

To keep your GEORGE up to date with new features and enhancements, please download and install the GEORGE Updater.

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What's new in the release

Version 3.01
  • Significantly faster iPod loading time
    In order to speed up iPod load for those with large music collections, we do not automatically load the Songs list when an iPod is inserted into George. This greatly improves load speed. If the user chooses to load the Songs list he/she can do that at any time and that load time will be the same as it has. Please note that the user will be locked out of navigating into a new iPod menu, re-syncing the iPod, pausing or un-pausing the iPod, going forward or backward or using Shuffle Songs until the Songs list is loaded. The user will get a message telling him/her that the list is loading and what percentage the loading is at currently.

  • Volume Ramping
    In order to make George operation as smooth as possible we now ramp up the volume when switching between sources. We have also added the “volume ramp” feature for alarms for those who like to wake-up more gradually, which is user selectable from a number of preset values. This feature is found under Alarm settings.
  • 24 hour Time
    Added a 24-hour time display option under System Settings.

Version 3.0

  • Jukebox
    Similar to the “On-The-Go” playlist feature that is built into the iPod. Add a song to your Jukebox playlist by simply selecting it than pressing and holding the knob until GEORGE beeps once. You can continue to add music while the list is playing.

  • Alpha Search
    Find the artist, album, genre or title you're looking for by partially or completely spelling the name.

  • Alarm Scheduling
    Program Alarm1 and Alarm2 to go off only on the days you need them.