Dress for the occasion Wood materialsOnly GEORGE offers you the flexibility to customize the look of your music system to better suit your surroundings. Panel Kits are made from genuine bent plywood and come with tastefully paired speaker grilles. Each panel is made of eight layers of furniture grade plywood, goes through three inspection stages, and take a total of five days to create.

Choose from:

Cherry/Charcoal grille  View Here
Natural Walnut/Brown grilles  View Here

In today, out tomorrowTastes can change with the turn of a season. Alternate speaker grilles are the perfect quick-fix method to change the face of GEORGE.

Choose from three bold options
Jet Black  View Here
Royal Blue  View Here
Pure Red  View Here
Big function, small footprintRemoteAn additional charging stand lets you roam from living room to kitchen, while keeping the remote fully charged and at arms reach.