Office ProductivityRemoteKeep GEORGE in the office and create a soundtrack to your workday from the comfort of your desk. Ease into the morning with some classical tracks from your iPod, catch up on sports radio over lunch, then pump up the volume with some rock and roll to get you through that late afternoon slump. All without having to leave your seat.

Sacrifice nothingAll of GEORGE’s functions are controlled from the remote, meaning you can set an alarm, pick a song, or turn on the radio within a thirty-foot radius of the base unit. Great for desktop or bedside control, GEORGE fits anywhere.
Feel the differenceAll of the critical controls on GEORGE are distinct in feel and location, optimized for ergonomics as well as function. Spend a few minutes with it and you’ll feel as if you’ve had it for years, it’s that intuitive. Click here for a demonstration.
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A sight for sore eyesRemoteThe iPod has a great display for the palm of your hand. However, when you’re across the room relaxing that display is little more than a nightlight. GEORGE’s remote uses a high-resolution, backlit graphic display so you can see every preset, every song title, everything you need to maximize your listening experience.