Five speakers, one outcome, brilliant sound SpeakerMost tabletop systems deliver audio through a single set of small-sized speakers, resulting in artificial high notes and muddy bass. GEORGE uses coaxial (2-way) speakers that outperform highly equalized single cone speaker designs, resulting in greater detail and accuracy. These stereo coaxial speakers are paired with a dedicated down-firing 4” subwoofer that is optimized for low frequency reproduction without excessive EQ or resonant ducts. The five speaker system is then bi-amplified for tonal balance.True to life sound reproductionVoiced by audio professionals to more closely approximate the way music was originally recorded, GEORGE emulates the multi-amped 2.1 systems that are now used to make professional recordings. The bottom line: your music sounds more like the way the artist intended.
Location, Location, LocationOptimum position for listening is in front of the speakers, not next to them. As such, we offer the Charging Stand (3.75” x 4.4” x 2.6”) for GEORGE’s remote, allowing you to place the speakers anywhere in the room that sounds the best while keeping full control of GEORGE at arms reach.Size MattersSpecsGreat sound doesn’t come from full-range 1" and 2" speakers, nor does it come from small boxes. GEORGE’s size (14.25” x 5” x 8.6”) was determined as much by its internal components as acoustic optimization. Giving the speakers room to breathe is what gives GEORGE the ‘big system’ sound in a compact tabletop size.