Installing GEORGE Firmware Update on Windows Vista
(part 2)


Step 20

Select "Everyone" then click "Next"

Fig. 15


Step 21

Confirm installation then click "Next"

Fig. 16


Step 22

Close window after installation is complete

Fig. 17


Step 23

Double click "George Updater" icon on desktop

Fig. 18


Step 24

When prompted by Vista to "Cancel" or "Allow" installation, select "Allow"


Step 25

Read "Read Me" file then close document

Fig. 19


Step 26

Click "Next" after the welcome screen appears

Driver Installer
Fig. 20


Step 27

Click "Next" to proceed

Continue Installation
Fig. 21


Step 28

Select "Agree" to accept the "License Agreement Terms"

Fig. 22


Step 29

Installation proccess takes between 8 - 10 minutes depending on your system configuration

Fig. 23

Step 30

Click "Close" when update process is finished

Congratulations! Your GEORGE has been updated